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Open Thread: Mets vs White Sox

What do you think of the new digs? If you haven't done so already, read through the post immediately beneath this one, which explains many of the new features of the redesign. The post is lengthy, but an incomprehensible amount of work went into transforming the ugliness of the old platform into this brand new blogging experience that is exclusive to SBNation. If you have any questions or comments, complaints or suggestions, please leave them in this thread or the one below it.

The blogging software is constantly evolving; just this week Trei and his team added the Narrow/Wide button in the upper left hand corner which will allow those of you with bigger monitors to expand the middle section of this site to better take advantage of the extra screen real estate. There is also an option within your account settings to disable avatar display, if you so desire.

If you haven't done so already, sign up for an account (or claim your existing account) and save the FanShot bookmarklet so you can easily post links/quotes/blurbs from around the web right to this site. If you ever felt like posting a quick URL to a great Mets article or piece of news but didn't feel like creating a full-blown diary, FanShots are the solution. The latest FanShots appear in the right sidebar immediately beneath FanPosts (the new version of Diaries), and the best FanShots and FanPosts will be promoted to the main page.

The Mets play this year's Civil Rights game against the White Sox today in Memphis, TN. alleges that you can watch the game for free via even if you aren't a subscriber, so head over there to check it out if you're trapped somewhere with a computer but no television.

This is the last game of the spring, as the final 25-man roster will be finalized in the next day or so as the Mets prepare to open the 2008 regular season on Monday in Florida. This afternoon's game is at 5pm and will be shown on ESPN nationwide.

Today's swag contest game form is up, and it's the last meaningless one. The March/April contest begins for real on Monday, so check out the form today if you haven't yet. I have added a contest info box on the left sidebar here (beneath the sections and tags list) that will always contain a link to the next game's form, the current month's scoreboard, as well as the official contest rules, which everyone should read at least once.

That's it. Go Mets, and I'll see you back on here later to discuss this afternoon's game, the final roster cuts, my new iPhone, and more.