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Open Thread - Game 1: Mets vs. Marlins (03/31/2008) on SNY

You are about to experience the first true game thread of the season here at the new Amazin' Avenue. Once the game begins you should notice a linescore at the top of the main page, and you will see the same thing when you click through to the comments. You will also notice that comments refresh automatically as they are posted, so there is no need to hit or the refresh button over and over. What's more, there are some neat keyboard shortcuts that make navigating new comments super easy. Just press the "Z" key to jump to new comments in succession; "Z" will also "mark as read" the last comment you were on. This makes working your way through a game thread much more fluid.

Today's swag contest game form is up and ready to roll. There are still a couple of cosmetic boo-boos, but we'll get those taken care of (e.g. it says this is game #25 because it's including spring training games; the user name field still says "Blazersedge"). We are going to roll today's game into the April contest, though that may not be reflected in the Aprils scoreboard. We will take care of that after the fact. You can read the game form rules here . As a reminder, the most recent game form along with the scoreboard and rules can be found in the left sidebar here under "AA SWAG CONTEST".

If you're stuck at work you can still follow along here and via MLB Gameday. If you need me I'll be right here with you in the game thread, watching Santana mow down Marlins. Real games, baby.