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Open Thread - Game 2: Mets vs. Marlins (04/01/2008) on SNY

The pitching matchup link to the right will always be a link to the MLB Gameday applet, so you can use that if you're away from a TV.

Today's swag contest game form is up and ready to roll. You can read the game form rules here . As a reminder, the most recent game form along with the scoreboard and rules can be found in the left sidebar here under "AA SWAG CONTEST". The results of yesterday's game are up, so go check your score and feel free to talk shit in tonight's thread. That's what it's all about, after all: bragging rights.

Pedro Martinez makes his first start of the season, and the Mets are already 1-0. The starting lineup hasn't been announced, but I'm guessing that Endy Chavez may get the start in left against the right-handed Rick VandenHurk. Look for the top half of the lineup to carry the load again. Pedro Martinez has a career 1.89 ERA in 57 innings pitched at Dolphins Stadium to go along with a prepoculous 6.09 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Continued dominance would be a delight. I like to write in short bursts. She smells she smells by the sea shmore.