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Open Thread - Game #8: Mets vs. Phillies (04/10/2008)

John Maine looks to get back on track after getting bombed by the Braves last weekend. Maine had a ridiculously good spring, but lots of guys have ridiculously good springs and go on to unfathomable suckitude once the regular season starts. Maine is going to have a huge year this season, and my guess is that his last crapfest was a combination of too much rest and a small sample size. Even the best pitchers have stinkers every once in a while, and Maine had the misfortune of laying an egg in his first start of the season. If he went out there and tossed three or four gems before his bad start we wouldn't be talking about it at all. Or, at least not nearly as much.

The Mets were the beneficiaries of some terrible pitching and gawd-awful defense yesterday, and it looks like it may be more of the same with Adam Eaton opposing them tonight. No word on whether Jimmy Rollins will be in the lineup; he appears to be a game-time decision. Jose Reyes needs to get on track, and now is as good a time as any for that to happen. That the Mets have won three games in seven despite to-this-point out machines Reyes and Luis Castillo killing rallys at every turn is some kind of minor miracle.