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Open Thread - Game #12: Mets vs. Nationals (04/15/2008)

With Pedro Martinez's return more uncertain than ever, the further development of Mike Pelfrey becomes critical to the success of this team. The Mets are being slammed for exhibiting a blasé attitude through the season's first two weeks, but they're 5-6 at this point which is most would agree is something short of disastrous. I'd be lying if I said that I liked everything I've seen, but I'm not erecting gallows in my yard just yet. Well, I am, but they're not for the Mets (Damn you, Sasquatch!)

Old and new collide tonight, as former Mets Lastings Milledge, Paul Lo Duca and Manny Acta return to Shea to face former Expos Ryan Church, Brian Schneider and Endy Chavez (!). Pelfrey will be opposed by Odalis Perez, who hasn't bested the league's ERA since 2004, and has only done so twice in parts of ten big league seasons.