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Open Thread - Game #13: Mets vs. Nationals (04/16/2008)

Mike Pelfrey is finally pitching well so it's time to get John Maine off the schneid. He only allowed one run in six innings last time out, but he walked five and struck out just one. With the Pope in town another miracle is possible, but if he continues to pitch like that he can count on allowing runs in bunches.

Here's the lineup for the Mets

1-Reyes SS
2-Church RF
3-Wright 3B
4-Beltran CF
5-Delgado 1B
6-Pagan LF
7-Schneider C
8-Castillo 2B
9-Maine P

And for the Nationals:

1-Guzman SS
2-Belliard 2B
3-Zimmerman 3B
4-Johnson 1B
5-Milledge CF
6-Kearns RF
7-Pena LF
8-Estrada C
9-Chico P

Castillo is batting eighth again with Church knocking around the two hole. Paul Lo Duca is still out with a sore right hand, so Mets fans will have to save their boos for another day... or, maybe a late-inning pinch-hit appearance?