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Aftermath: Game 14 - Mets vs Nationals

I don't even have anything to say. This giagantic jumping cat says it all. This game was ugly with a capital fugly. There were too many horrible managerial decisions to count (editor's note: there were 134). So many ill-advised bunt calls and horribly-executed bunts. The officiating wasn't great, but the Mets' didn't do themselves any favors at the plate either. I called it at approximately 11:53pm:

The only way the Mets are scoring is if Hanrahan throws one away.

Two minutes later Damion Easley scooted home from third on a wild pitch by Joel Hanrahan and the Mets' were 3-2 victors. The pitching was very good; Nelson Figueroa was terrific again, the bullpen was tremendous, and the Mets didn't even have to use Scott Schoeneweis.

It's amazing how bad this lineup looks when Carlos Beltran isn't playing. A 4-8 of Delgado-Pagan-Clark-Casanova-Castillo was just death, combining to go 4-for-25 (including two at-bats by Endy Chavez in Brady Clark's stead). Anyway, that's all I've got for this one. Go back and read the comments from the game thread to get a feel for what the game was like to watch. Or, just stick spoons in your eyes. Either way.

The Mets head to Philly tonight as Johan Santana takes on Cole Hamels.