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Aftermath: Game #21 - Mets vs Nationals

I just got back from the oral surgeon following the completely-painless extraction of a couple of wisdom teeth. I'm a bit of a worrier when it comes to this sort of thing, and I have to admit that the anticipation of the procedure was at least fifty times worse than the actual performance of same. The whole thing took maybe ten minutes, and all I felt was some light scraping and some pressure as my teeth were being wriggled free. The extractions were followed by a trip to CVS to pick up some vicodin and then a stop at the grocery store for drinkable yogurt, pudding, applesauce and soup. I just popped my first vicodin and I have to say that I'm well on my way to Hollywood elite status.

Thankfully, the prescription painkillers have left me blissfully numb, with nary a care for the Mets' stupendous bungling of last night's game against the Nationals. Now, obviously the Mets shan't be expected to win all eighteen-some-odd games from Washington this year, but the pitching really stunk up the joint something fierce, as Oliver Perez was unable to hang on to a three-run fifth-inning lead. Perez and Aaron Heilman combined to allow seven runs in the fifth and sixth innings, effectively putting the game out of reach. "Effectively" became "undoubtedly" when Jorge Sosa coughed up three more runs in the seventh, and the Mets coasted from there en route to a 10-5 drubbing.

The offense doesn't get a free pass in this one, as they collectively stranded five runners in scoring position and failed to come up with the big hit on numerous occasions. Carlos Delgado took another oh-fer as he watched his average plummet to .198. Jose Reyes went 1-for-5 and is batting .259 while David Wright went 0-for-4 with a walk as his average fell below .300 for the season (of course, unlike Delgado or Reyes, Wright has 19 walks and 15 extra-base hits, so his overall batting line is plenty healthy).

I'd have more to say, but my motor skills are rapidly deteriorating. The good news is that I believe the server problems we've been having the past two days are behind us, so we'll have a regular swag contest and game thread tonight. So if you'll excuse me, I have some heavy machinery to go operate.