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Open Thread - Game 4: Mets vs. Braves (04/05/2008) on FOX

So last night's game was rained out; same two pitchers -- John Maine and Tim Hudson -- go at it this afternoon. On FOX. I know, FOX is the worst. But we've gone two days without a Mets game so I think we'll take what we can get at this point.

Thanks to the rainout, Mike Pelfrey's season debut will be pushed back until at least next week. Johan Santana will pitch Sunday's game as scheduled, so the song-and-dance I went through last night about Santana starting on Saturday so he could pitch against the Braves *and* the Phillies is probably moot. The rainout further works in the Mets favor since they get to miss John Smoltz this series. Tom Glavine will oppose Santana on Sunday, so even though we can be assured that the Mets will do nothing with the bat against Glavine, the Mets still have a good chance of winning the game should Santana turn in a repeat of his performance on Opening Day.