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Open Thread - Game #5: Mets vs. Braves (04/06/2008) on SNY

Good start - bad start - good start - bad start. Does that mean we get a good start today?

Tom Glavine was scheduled to start today. Bobby Cox ostensibly pushed Smoltz up because he didn't want his ace pitching in the cold weather of Colorado this week following a stint on the disabled list with a tight shoulder. In reality, he probably just didn't want Tom Glavine facing his former team. While it's unlikely that the Mets' hitters would dominate Glavine the way the Braves hitters did for all those years Tom Tepid pitched for the Mets, it was a reasonable precaution given the importance of these early season games.

RIP Charlton Heston. He was a crazy gun nut, but he made some great films. With apologies to Marky Mark, the original Planet of the Apes still stands as an equally wonderful work of science fiction and social commentary and remains my favorite Heston flick. Soylent Green was also very satisfying, even if Phil Hartman made sure that the surprise ending was anything but. Here is the money shot (spoiler alert, as if you didn't know).