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Nowhere Near a Subway

Apologies for the wonky pitching matchup today and tomorrow. I'm in Atlantic City for my buddy's bachelor party and for some reason The Showboat doesn't have any broadband Internet tonspeak of. The phone *does* have a data port but I haven't had a modem or a dial-up account in years so I'm SOL. I'm posting this from my iPhone, which is a great device but is hardly conducive to composing lengthy blog posts.

Add to all this the fact that our proximity to Philadelphia and FOX's ridiculous blackout rules and I couldn't even watch today's game on TV. Obviously the Mets won behind performances by Wright, Reyes, Wagner and Santana, with the latter pitching effectively but unspectacularly.

I'll have more on this series tomorrow night or Monday, so until then you're on your own. So, behave yourselves.