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Amazin' Avenue *SECRET* Swag Contest

Not content to simply give swag away at the end of the month, I've decided to hold occasional secret contests to give swag away throughout the month as well. To keep things lively, I'm not going to announce what the secret contests are until they are over. Think of them as "pop" contests; the best presents are the ones you never knew were coming!

This installment of the Amazin' Avenue Secret Swag Contest will award a prize to the user who:

Posted the most game thread comments on the recent road trip

The Mets played a lot of long, boring games that carried on into the night, but some of you guys toughed it out in the game threads and actually made some of those wretched games somewhat bearable. The Mets wound up going 3-3 against a couple of pretty tough teams, coming away with victories in games started by Micah Owings, Dan Haren and Brad Penny. The top five contributors to the game threads over that time were:

Rank AA User # Comments
1 MAN in the BOX 88
2 Simons 62
3 JoshNY 52
4 DoctorK16 43
5 DbacksSkins 41

Congratulations to MAN in the BOX, who led the way with 88 comments in the six game threads. His prize is an autographed copy of 100 Things Mets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die by Matthew Silverman. Matt was kind enough to send us some copies to give away, so you guys are the beneficiaries of that generosity.

There's plenty more swag to give away, and no telling when the next secret contest will start or end. Hooray for mystery!