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He is Not a Crook

The Mets acquired Trot Nixon from the Diamondbacks late last night for cash and/or a PTBNL. Nixon is "only" 34, but he hasn't been a useful major league outfielder since 2005 when he hit .275/.357/.446 with the Red Sox. He hit an anemic .251/.342/.336 with the Indians last year and has spent all of 2008 with the Tuscon Sidewinders of the Pacific Coast League.

To Nixon's credit, he has hit .309/.437/.558 with the Sidewinders, but he has been plagued by the same severe platoon split that made him so frustrating during his glory years with the Sox. His batting line against righties is a robust .337/.474/.640 (136 AB), but he has been feckless against southpaws to the tune of .244/.340/.341.

He still may be a safer bet against righties than any of Endy Chavez, Marlon Anderson and Fernando Tatis, and his plate discipline is better than any of the above. I don't know enough about Nixon's medical history to say whether his power outage in recent years was due to injury or ineffectiveness, but he seems to have regained that stroke somewhat this year in Triple-A, so if he can provide some walks a bit of pop he could have some use.