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Woe Is Willie

I'm swamped at work so I can't write anything substantial right now. Willie Randolph is day-to-day with regards to his current employment, and everyone involved -- the players, Willie, the fans -- just want whatever's going to happen to just happen already. If the Mets are going to fire him, then do it. If they're going to keep him around until the All Star break, fine. Omar Minaya may be very loyal, but this is a pissant way of doing business.

Also, the talk of firing Rick Peterson has been even more perplexing. The Mets' pitching has been fine. Not spectacular, but generally fine. The Mets' corner outfielders and first-baseman have been mostly terrible, and that has nothing to do with Peterson. You know, unless The Jacket is making personnel decisions about starting outfielders that we don't know about.