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Homerun Derby Prediction Contest

We'll have a game thread tonight for the homerun derby, and a mini (un)secret swag contest to go along with it. Leave your guesses in the comments:

Goal: Predict the winner (player) of tonight's homerun derby
Tiebreak #1: Homeruns in the final round by the winner
Tiebreak #2: Homeruns hit in the final round by the loser

Obviously, you have to get the Goal correct for either of the tiebreaks to matter. No credit is given for the tiebreaks if you don't actually guess the correct winner. Entries will only be accepted up until 8pm EDT tonight. Good luck!

The contestants are:

American League

Evan Longoria
Justin Morneau
Josh Hamilton
Grady Sizemore

National League

Lance Berkman
Ryan Braun
Dan Uggla
Chase Utley