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Monday Applesauce

Newsday talks to Carlos Beltran about his ridiculous catch yesterday.

Pedro Martinez could be back and ready to go as soon as Friday, though Jerry Manuel expects him to throw a bullpen or side session to get him back ready for a return.

Ramirez no, Ibanez yes? If the Mariners lower their asking price the Mets could make a play for Raul Ibanez. He could be a good fit here, as he's a New York native and knows Beltran well. He was also a Type A free agent last season, so the Mets could do well to trade a couple of so-so prospects, hang on to Ibanez through the end of the season, then let him walk away and collect the draft picks.

Everyone's happy about Johan Santana's complete game except Filip Bondy, who says that Santana and the Mets felt pressure to go the distance following last week's disaster against the Phillies.

Interesting article in The Times about how ExxonMobil is using the Nationals' new ballpark's green color and its proximity to Congress to give the impression that they are more environmentally-conscious than they really are. More coverage at Federal Baseball.

At MetsGeek today, Alex Nelson previews the Marlins' pitchers.