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Wednesday Applesauce

Our internet was out at work for a while this morning and I've got tons to do here, but here's a quick hits version of applesauce for today:

John Maine is hurt.

Oliver Perez is suddenly dependable.

Ryan Church is getting close.

Pedro Martinez wants Manny Ramirez (high road, people).

Mike Pelfrey keeps on rollin'.

SB Nation reacts to the Mark Teixeira trade: Beyond the Boxscore thinks it was a bad move for the Angels. Halos Heaven is on the fence. Talking Chop wanted more, but likes Casey Kotchman's upside.

Oh, and Mike Silva at Dugout Central thinks the Mets should sign Carl Everett from the Long Island Ducks, even though Everett doesn't believe that dinosaurs ever existed because they weren't in the Bible.