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What's An All Star?

The 2008 All Star rosters were announced yesterday, and Jose Reyes was left off of the reserve roster for reasons I can't begin to understand. Hanley Ramirez was rightfully elected by the fans, but manager Clint Hurdle inexplicably named Miguel Tejada to the team in lieu of Reyes. Cristian Guzman was also named as a shortstop, but the Nationals are putrid and had nobody else worthwhile to send. The Astros already had Lance Berkman starting at first so they didn't need Tejada as their lone representative. Reyes has been so much better this season it's almost laughable to have to compare them here, but for yours and Clint Hurdle's benefit here we go.

Jose Reyes Miguel Tejada
AVG .294 .282
OBP .355 .319
SLG .482 .437
SB 31 6
HR 9 10
2B 21 20
3B 10 2
VORP 34.0 17.1
EQA .293 .259
WinShares 12 9
WPA 0.55 -0.70

I think I speak for Jose Reyes when I say "F@#$ you, Clint Hurdle!"