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Is It Safe To Come Out Now?

Sound off. Me, two thirds of the way down the basement steps, peering around the corner at the lower right quadrant of the teevee. Ahh, just like old times. The Mets almost found a way to blow what should have been an insurmountable nine-run lead -- yea, insurmountable even at the CBP -- but despite their best efforts they somehow squeaked out of this thing with a win, a 3-1 series victory and just 2.5 game separating them from the division lead that they so totally don't deserve. At all. They honestly have no business being this close, and they have everyone but themselves to thank for it.

I like to think I'm pretty good at math, but even I can't begin to calculate how many babies I would have punched if the Mets had lost this game. Scores, at least. A 10-1 lead and Chase Utley out of the game and the Phillies still almost came all the way back. Some things that would have looked a lot worse in retrospect had the Mets lost:

  • Yet another terrible homerun call by the umpires
  • Damion Easley's non-slide that ended the top of the sixth
  • Carlos Beltran's ill-advised throw in the bottom of the ninth
  • I'm willing to overlook all of them at this point just in the interest of moving on. The Mets could have swept this series just as easily as lost three of four, so I guess we can be grateful that they came away with the three victories. They took five of eight on the road against the Cardinals and Phillies, which is a good sign, but it'll all be for nothing, again, if they come back to Shea and drop four of six to the Giants and Rockies. They need to *win* four of six, end the traditional first half on a positive note -- possibly even pick up another game or so in the standings -- and head into the All Star break with warm fuzzies as everyone gets ready to make a sustained run at above-average-ness in the second half. If we all work together, we can do it. I know we can. "We" being the fans, of course; I'm pretty sure the Mets can't do it. But, I'm more than willing to be surprised.

    Big winners: Endy Chavez, +16.2% WPA, Pedro Martinez, +9.9% WPA
    Big losers: Carlos Beltran, -4.2% WPA, Brian Schneider, -2.4% WPA
    Teh aw3s0mest play: Wagner "saves" the game, +14.7% WPA
    Teh sux0rest play: Eric Bruntlett walk in 9th, -8.9% WPA
    Total pitcher WPA: +12.5%
    Total batter WPA: +37.5%

    Game Thread Roll Call

    Nice job by itsmetsforme; his effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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    itsmetsforme 28
    Endys Game 19
    kendynamo 16
    pingel 12
    ZaBlanc 9
    Reg Dunlop 9
    englishgrey 7
    JoshNY 6
    mmxii 3
    DoctorK16 2
    dissento 2
    LOUtheMETfan 1
    Grouchoman 1
    wgarrett 1
    kingcritical 1