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Anti-Willets Point Development Protest Tonight

Per Chris McShane at Develop Willets Point, city councilman Hiram Monserrate -- the opposition's lone henchman, as it were -- will be holding a protest in the Shea Stadium parking lot tonight. Chris gives his take:

This protest is intended to create traffic and get in the way of Mets fans. If you can get out there and let the protesters hear your voice, that would be great. Crashing this press conference the same way Monserrate crashed the one in Washington Square would be very appropriate. Even better, if you get a chance to get through on WFAN and bring this up, Mets fans need to know that these protesters intend to be in the way tonight in order to grab some attention. If you’re sitting in traffic on the way to the game, thank Hiram Monserrate.

If you're driving to the game tonight and happen to see Monserrate and his entourage stuffing up the works, don't be afraid to tell him to go eff himself. I can appreciate wanting to avoid the city's use of eminent domain to acquire the Willet's Point properties, and the NYCEDC has given every indication that they will do everything within reason to come to a fair and reasonable deal with each business currently located at WP. All of the deals to date have been met with favor among those involved, and in most cases the NYCEDC has actually overpaid for those dilapidated parsels of land.

Monserrate seems to care more about making a massive stink and getting his voice heard than actually doing what's in the best interest of the WP businesses and the residents of the area. Protesting for protesting's sake is a waste of everyone's time and energy, so if enough people tell him to take a hike or, as Chris points out, call WFAN and make their listeners aware of the situation and in particular Monserrate's pomposity, maybe this whole thing will go away and everyone can move on with their lives.