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Friday Applesauce

At Newsday, David Lennon has an article on Dan Murphy and Nick Evans and their transition to big league ball.

Church is back in session, beginning tonight.

Despite his many successes there, Tom Seaver won't be sad when Shea Stadium is demolished. Shea may be a dump, but it's our dump*, and I'll miss it for all the great games I saw there in person and at home.

* Sorta reminds me of Leslie Nielson's line in the phenomenal Naked Gun: "It's a topsy-turvy world, Jane, and maybe the problems of two people don't amount to a hill of beans, but this is our hill and these are our beans."

At MetsGeek, Alex Nelson looks at the pitchers the Mets will face against the Astros this weekend.

Really good article at Fear and Faith in Flushing about the two pitchers who closed out NLCS series for the Mets at Shea Stadium.

At The Hardball Times, Geoff Young looks at some free agent compensation draft picks that turned out to be much better than the free agent that left. No mention of Mike Hampton/David Wright, though.