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Saturday Applesauce

Despite recent comments to the contrary, it appears that Luis Castillo will be the starter at second base when he is activated from the disabled list tonight. Argenis Reyes has been getting the bulk of the playing time lately, though his 60 OPS+ leaves plenty to be desired (an additional 40 OPS+ or so). Castillo is nothing special, but his 88 OPS+ this season is considerably higher than Reyes. I don't think either is a spectacular fielder, though if Castillo's knees are up to the task his bat is certainly an improvement over Reyes and even Damion Easley at this point. Easley's reputation as a middle-infielder with pop hasn't really manifested itself this season; his .347 SLG is just a shade higher than Castillo's 2008 mark of .331 and is actually lower than Castillo's career SLG of .357.

Apparently chemistry, not getting solid starting pitching and scoring more runs than every NL team but the Cubs, is what has gotten the Mets to this point in the season (not to mention winning a ton of recent ballgames against terrible teams). This is just a brutal, horribly-conceived article that begs the Mets not to "tempt fate" by inserting Castillo into a lineup that has flourished without him. Conflating causality with coincidence has long been a favorite arrow in the tired sportswriting quiver, and this cage-liner by the Post's Larry Brooks is more of the same. I'm far from a Castillo supporter, but this is a little ridiculous.

Orlando Hernandez will undergo surgery to remove a bunion from his right foot. Hernandez, "39", likely won't pitch again this year or ever.

Did MLB screw the pooch by not sending its marquee ballplayers to compete for Olympic gold? Jayson Stark (nae) and Keith Law (yae) debate that question.