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Tuesday Applesauce

Rawr! Cat fight between Pedro Martinez and Jorge Posada! Jorge says Pedro has no class. Pedro says Jorge spoke shabbily of his (Pedro's) mom. Caliente!

The only thing interesting about this nothing piece about John Maine becoming a closer is that he's already picked out his entrance theme: "Posse On Broadway" by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Bobby Parnell could be a factor in the final two weeks of the season, which is really just a nice way of saying he hasn't screwed the pooch yet.

Aaron Heilman, who has screwed said pooch countless times this season, just wants to help. I still count myself among Heilman's supporters, though this season isn't one he wants on his resume.

At Beyond the Boxscore, R.J. Anderson breaks down the NL Cy Young race using a just-for-fun Bill James formula for predicting that award's recipient. Santana comes in tied for fourth, though it should really be third because Anderson included C.C. Sabathia's AL stats in his calculations (their consideration is irrelevant with respect to an NL award).