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Mets Monthly Bullpen Performance

Some of this will change by the end of the season, but I just wanted to take a quick look at how the Mets' bullpen has performed, in general terms, for each month of the season so far. Not that anyone was expecting it, but there isn't a whole lot to get excited about here.

April 88.1 7.05 1.36 3.58
May 82.1 7.98 1.29 4.04
June 89.1 6.95 1.34 4.43
July 79 8.66 1.39 4.67
August 75 6.96 1.59 4.92
September 37.2 7.41 1.22 3.56

It may not have seemed like it of late, but the Mets' bullpen has been about as good in September as in any other month this season. April and September seem to have bookended four mostly crappy months in between. Almost all of their September success came at the beginning of the month when they put together that week-long stretch of success. Since then it's been pretty bleak, punctuated by last night's septet of near-ineptitude.