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Thursday Applesauce

Tim Marchman says collapse schmollapse, in so many words.

At MetsGeek, Kalyan Pokala points to the Mets' injuries and concludes that they shouldn't even be where they are given all of the things that have gone wrong this season.

Bob Klapisch chimes in with his latest sky-is-falling column; nothing really new here, but everyone wants to call this thing a collapse. The Mets have gone 5-5 in their last ten which, while not good, is hardly collapse-worthy.

On the injury front, Damion Easley is probably done. He felt a pop in his quad last Saturday and still feels pain when he walks. Fernando Tatis received better news, as his injury was classified as a Grade 3 shoulder separation, and he could conceivably be ready around NLCS time, though that's more than a bit of wishful thinking at this point.