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More Cycles

In what is perhaps the cosmic universe's response to my column the other day about the scarcity of cycles, the almighty watchmaker today gave us not one but two cycles. When better than on Labor Day for Stephen Drew and Adrian Beltre to work it, so to speak.

Drew's cycle went single, triple, homerun, double, double. The first double was of the ground-rule variety, and it'd be interesting to know how many cycles were completed by a ground-ruler (this one wasn't, technically, since Drew would've hat a cycle with the second double anyway). Beltre went homerun, single, single, double, triple, saving the toughest for last.

Drew's cycle was the third in D-Backs history and the first since Greg Colbrunn did it in 2002. The other D-Back cycle was Luis Gonzalez in 2000. Beltre's was the fourth in Mariners history, and the first since John Olerud did it in 2001 (Olerud also cycle'd for the Mets). The other Mariner cycles were Alex Rodriguez in 1997 and Jay Buhner in 1993.