Time To Clean Houses After Another Flop

"Two weeks ago, there was talk of a significant off-season shake-up if the Mets couldn’t reverse their slide. Now it’s time to peruse the menu: Would Minaya be bold enough to actually trade one of his previously untouchable stars — Wright or Beltran or Jose Reyes? Crazy thought, sure, but entirely necessary given the pattern of disappointment since 2005". Emphasis is mine; unbridled alarmism belongs to Bob Klapisch. I have a lot of respect for Klapisch, but this is a lazy, sloppy article. I don't think anyone expected the Mets to be especially competitive in 2005, considering they were coming off a 71-91 season. As for 2007-2008, say what you will about Reyes and Wright, they clearly are not this team's problems.