Let's go meta: Welcome to Amazin' Avenue

The Amazin' Avenue community certainly has grown a lot in recent months. I'd like to welcome new members to the fold. It's a great place to talk baseball and root for the New York Metropolitans.

One thing that makes this site great is a relatively high level of intelligent, rational discussion. I contend that we should not lose sight of things that have made this site a very nice place to visit for just about four years now.

With that, I offer a few guidelines for all members:

Take your time when writing stories, FanPosts, FanShots, comments, etc. Not only is it good to have thought through what you're saying, but it helps to format, spell, and punctuate your thoughts properly. We're not animals, we're gentlemen (and at least a few ladies), so please write like a gentleman or lady.

Conventions to be avoided at all costs:

  • Writing "LOL."
  • Emoticons.
  • Internet-style spellings of any common words (please write "you," not "u"; "are," not "r").
  • Multiple use of exclamation points or question marks (i.e., !!! or ???).
  • Exclamation points in general.
  • Any words written all in capital letters. There's a bold function for that.
  • Links to Internet petitions.
  • Pasting URLs that are not actual links (please don't be that lazy).
  • Posting whole URLs instead of linking the URL in text.
  • Poor punctuation.
  • Use of ellipses (a.k.a., dot-dot-dot, or "...") instead of real punctuation.
  • Unnecessary abbreviation.
  • Name-calling (don't feed the trolls).
  • Overuse of pictures in the comments (I know it's subjective, but please see what you can do).

A look at Eric's excellent front-page writing should serve as a basic guideline for the standards here. And you can find some tips on formatting over at the SBNation parent site.

Finally, when you report on something, provide a link to it. This is a reality-based community: if claims are made, we want to know by whom and from where they come. That way we can evaluate their value and legitimacy.

I'm not writing this meta piece to be the police here--usually we do a decent job of policing ourselves. Please just bear these items in mind when posting anything.

I look forward to additional guidelines, ideas, corrections, or anything I may have overlooked in the comments.

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