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Carlos Beltran Is Awesome At Baseball, Can't Count

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In a column for the Daily News, Christian Red caught up with Carlos Beltran to talk about his time in New York, his goals for the season, and his future as a player. On his career with the Mets so far:

"I was thinking about that couple days ago. I was saying, ‘Wow, I already have five years with Mets. Two more to go. Hopefully I can finish my career in New York. That's not in my hands. That's something the organization will decide, but I would love to finish my career there. I don't want to move to any other city."

Emphasis mine. Unless Beltran is truly from another planet or his year-from-now self took a time machine back to present day, Beltran has only played in New York for four years. His first year was 2005. Last year was 2008. Four years. Then again, maybe he has a mandate from Scott Boras to spread this "five years" meme throughout the local media until it we all just accept that he has, in fact, played five years so far. It's all just part of the plan for Beltran to hit free agency one year sooner.

Then again, from Beltran's perspective, maybe it just feels like five years.