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New York Mets: A Sports Illustrated History Part 1: 1962-1985

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Inspired by this post at SB Nation Orioles site Camden Chat, here is a visual history of the New York Mets courtesy of Sports Illustrated Covers. Click any cover to read the corresponding issue. Enjoy.

March 5, 1962. The Mets are born.

March 2, 1964. The Mets are terrible.

May 6, 1968. The Mets begin to be not terrible

December 22, 1969. Tom Seaver: Sportsman Of The Year.

April 13, 1970. Jerry Koosman and the Mets defend their amazin' World Series title.

September 7, 1970. Bud Harrelson and the Mets fight off their World Series hangover.

June 21, 1971. Jerry Grote. Err. Something.

May 22, 1972. Willie Mays is traded to the Mets.

July 21, 1975. Tom Seaver and Jim Palmer: Baseball's Toughest Pitchers.

April 18, 1983. Tom Seaver returns to the Mets.

April 23, 1984. Rookie of the Year Darryl Strawberry is, in his sophomore season, the straw that stirs the Mets.

September 24, 1984. Dwight Gooden and Rick Sutcliffe battle for the NL Cy Young. Gooden gets robbed.

April 15, 1985. Dwight Gooden is "Doctor K".

September 2, 1985. Dwight Gooden wins #20.