Davidoff: Maybe Mets Should Start By Firing Manuel


This is the column the mainstream media has resisted writing. Per Davidoff: Contemplate whether you're giving your team its optimal chance to win with Manuel running the clubhouse, writing out the lineup card and making in-game, on-the-fly decisions. For based on what we've seen for the past baseball season and a half, I'm not sure how you come up with "Yes" as the answers to those questions. This isn't a fun column to write, because we media folk are mostly human, and Jerry Manuel comes off as an eminently likable man. Davidoff recognizes that Manuel's strong relationship with the media has earned him some goodwill. Imagine if Manuel had the personality of Joe Girardi or Willie Randolph. He would be the target of daily tabloid headlines calling for his head. A good read, click through for the full version.