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Reyes Hamstring Applesauce - Reyes has torn hamstring, Mets give Rivera token, K-Rod is not good

Last off-day before a really long one. I, for one, can't wait for this team to stop their assault on good baseball. The only problem is that when they stop, this clown show is going to try and fix the team.

Meet the Mets

Jose Reyes has a torn hammy and will likely need surgery. Seriously, I wouldn't trust the Mets' medical staff with a Little League team.

People are apparently pretty angry that the Mets sent Mariano Rivera the pitching rubber from his 500th save. This just seems like common decency to me.

Mets Police jumps the shark saying we need a new shortstop.

Why would we re-sign Alex Cora when Wilson Valdez seems to get the job done better?

Fire Jerry Manuel puts together some nice charts about Francisco Rodriguez's suckiness.

Metstradamus wants a refund for all the money he spent traveling to DC to see this team. Caveat emptor.

Reese Havens and Lucas Duda will join the Mets Arizona Fall League.

Blue and Orange puts together a plan for the Mets' catching situation.

Around the NL East

I open my big fat mouth about the Braves and they go out and promptly lose the next two games. They lost this last one in pretty amazing fashion as well. Ricky Nolasco had 16 strike outs.

The result of the Braves latest loss and the Phillies win is Philadelphia's 3rd straight NL East title.

Philadelphia is going to continue on without Jamie Moyer.

Marlins' prospect Osvaldo Martinez is in critical condition after being shot several times.

Around MLB

The Rays might actually extend Carl Crawford rather than trade him.

The Yankees home attendance has dropped 13 percent from last year.

Kate Hudson may be pregnant with A-Rod's baby.

The Indians have fired Eric Wedge.

Mike Blowers is amazing. I want him to start giving lottery predictions.