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Fangraphs Reinforces Just How Bad It's Been

R.J. Anderson at Fangraphs recently concluded his "How Are The Stars Being Acquired" series, looking at the top players in baseball by position and noting how they were acquired by their current team.  The top 30 starting pitchers were ranked by xFIP, the top 15 relief pitchers by FIP and the top 10 at each position by WAR (minimum 300 plate appearances).  Note that only 10 corner outfielders were ranked, as opposed to 10 each from LF and RF. 

Of these 115 players, not 1 is a Met.  Furthermore, every other team in baseball has at least 1 representative, if we count Nyjer Morgan as a Pirate.  Obviously this doesn't mean David Wright and Carlos Beltran aren't "stars" because they don't appear on a list, but it's just another way of reinforcing the suck that is the 2009 Mets.  As my boy Jerry Manuel would say: "Ohhhh it's badddd!"

A recap of the series:

Starting Pitching

Relief Pitching