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First ever Sunday Applesauce - Mets' home-grown talent, snow in Colorado, Babe Ruth video

If it's Sunday, it's clearly time for some Applesauce. Let's see how this works. Enjoy!

Meet the Mets

Ted Berg compares the Mets' roster with those teams in the playoffs based on home-grown talent. He also defends his anti-Jeff Francoeur ideas.

Jed Weisberger writes that the Mets need work in the farm system and that Wally Backman could help solve their problems.

Around the NL East

The Rockies and Phillies Game 3 was postponed due to snow in Colorado. This allows Charlie Manuel to rest some of his weary bullpen and to start JA Happ in Game 3 rather than Pedro Martinez as originally planned.

Stephen Strasburg made his professional debut in front of 50 or so people.

The Marlins have some more coaching vacancies.

Around MLB

The Cardinals are not likely to re-sign Matt Holliday.

Manny Acta says that he is a candidate for the job opening in Houston.

The Padres have cut Cliff Floyd.

Milwaukee is likely to keep Prince Fielder as their first baseman.

Brad Hawpe continues to fall on the Colorado depth chart.

The New York Times posted some incredibly rare game footage of the Babe.

And here's the strangest story of the weekend: Venezuelan authorities will exhume the body of former MLB pitcher Geremi Gonzalez to see if he was indeed struck by lightning or was killed in a robbery.