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Old Man Wagner Applesauce - Wagner may retire, Ike makes another list, 2011 Mets, Phillies advance

We took one step closer to the nightmare scenario: Phillies-Yankees World Series. I put my vote in to root for the Yankees, for what that's worth. I will hate myself either way.

Meet the Mets

Suddenly, the Billy Wagner trade is looking really good as the left handed setup man/kinda wannabe closer says that he's leaning towards retirement.

Ike Davis made it to #13 on Baseball America's Top Eastern League prospect list and Toby Hyde answers some e-mail.

Speaking of prospects, Chris Wilcox is looking to 2011 already.

Say what you will about the Mets, but at least when they make the postseason they tend to stick around for a little bit.

Mets Merized wants Joe Beimel.

Around the NL East

The Phillies eliminated the Rockies with a little help from Brad Lidge. There are still grumblings, however, about Chase Utley's "single" off his knee in game 3.

Former Nationals GM Jim Bowden lists Don Mattingly, Dave Duncan, Ned Yost, Jim Riggleman, and Bobby Valentine as candidates for the National managerial position.

Around MLB

The NY Post checks in on Yorvit Torrealba, the guy the Mets bailed on.

Tony LaRussa is considering retirement and the Reds.

Joe Torre talks about getting soaked by his players. What a pro.

Umpire Phil Cuzzi's excuse for blowing an easy call in the ALDS? He was too close to the play.