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Ike Davis Applesauce - Davis hits grand slam in AFL, Gary Carter managing, Mets to meet with Kikuchi

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Meet the Mets

Ike Davis made his Arizona Fall League debut yesterday and hit a grand slam. Davis finished with 6 runs batted in. Jenrry Mejia will make his first start today.

Remember when Gary Carter was at least a remote consideration in terms of the Met managerial position? Well, he's now coaching a Division II program in Palm Beach. Also, the Athletic Director thinks he's a baseball genius. 

Metsgrrl (sic) complains that we deserve an organization like the Twins. She may be right, but I'm so sick of hearing these types of complaints. Seriously, if you dislike the Met organization change your allegiance. Otherwise you are simply rewarding them for the behavior you want to change. It's much easier and more enjoyable if you stop caring if the Met organization respects and thanks you. I can take comfort in my absolute knowledge that they don't and concentrate fully on the on-field failures.

The Mets will be one of seven teams meeting with 18 year old Japanese pitcher Yusei Kikuchi.

Ron Darling owes the IRS around half a million dollars.

SNY's ratings were down 17.2% this year.

Around the NL East

As the Phillies are enjoying marvelous success (again) we also have to suffer from Cole Hamels looking down on us from his skyscraper.

Tim Hudson is likely to test free agency. JC Bradbury writes that he will probably be worth around $12 million/year.

Add Larry Bowa to the list of potential Nationals' managers.

Around MLB

Tim McCarver sings the classics and wants you to listen...  for $13.99.

Joe Torre makes the motions about calling it quits after 2010.

Joe Posnanski lists his best hitters of all time, topping the list with the Babe.