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Brad Hawpe: The Poor Man's Adam Dunn

Following the Rockies' playoff elimination, Brad Hawpe trade rumors have been floating around.  Impressive performances by some young and talented outfielders in Colorado have made Hawpe expendable, according to Troy Renck at the Denver Post:

Given the emergence of Carlos Gonzalez, Dexter Fowler and Seth Smith and the Rockies' Triple-A depth, Hawpe will be a trade candidate. He is under contract for $7.5 million next season, with a $10 million 2011 option that can be voided if he is dealt.

With the Mets in need of power in the outfield, the 30 year-old Hawpe might seem like a nice fit.  He's a good bet for ~25 home runs a year, and his career home/road splits are nearly identical.  This is no Vinny Castilla/Dante Bichette Coors Field product.  His .384 wOBA this season was 2nd best in the NL among right fielders, trailing only Justin Upton.  In 2008, it was 3rd best (.379).  Despite a large disparity in his platoon splits, Hawpe's bat would be a welcome addition to the Mets lineup.

Hawpe's defense, as was so eloquently put in this FanShot, is downright Dunnian.  His UZR over the last 3 seasons is an unfathomable -80.9.  Plus/Minus puts him at a terrible but not as bad -42.  He's probably a -20 corner OF going forward, which unfortunately negates much of his offensive value at a non-premium position.  Considering this, and also the fact that the Mets would have to give something up to acquire him, it's probably best to pass on Hawpe.  The Mets had one of the worst, if not the worst, defenses in baseball this season.  Adding an atrocious fielder like Hawpe would only exacerbate a major team deficiency.