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Islander Applesauce: Hockey team to Queens?, Mets still talking about Acta, Bernazard & Boras

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Meet the Mets

Looks like the Manny Acta to the Mets rumor just won't die.

Matthew Artus writes about the possibility of the Islanders moving next to Citi. Eminent domain is a powerful thing.

Tony Bernazard won't spend too much time on unemployment; he is close to signing a contract to work with Scott Boras.

Philadelphia's Kobe Bryant grew up a Met fan. Go figure.

Keith Law heaps some praise on Jenrry Mejia.

Around the NL East

Is Charlie Manuel just flat out-managing Joe Torre

It is a little strange seeing Chad Billingsley doing mop-up duty.

The Marlins are looking at former National pitching coach and Rob Dibble fav Randy St. Claire.

Around MLB

Bobby Valentine is among the finalists for the Cleveland Indians job. I honestly didn't even know he was a candidate. This, however, would definitely make the Indians my AL team. It would also make this movement a little late.

Lookout Landing takes on the playoff umpiring so far.