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Price Cut Applesauce - Mets cut season ticket prices, Reyes will be ready for ST, Braves eliminated, Rocktober

This is it. Final series. After this I will only have Jet football to look forward to for a while. I've been reminded, too often, that I can't rely on them for anything, so it's probably going to be a long, cold winter.

Meet the Mets

Hooray, for anyone who is still interested in tickets for 2010, the Mets are lowering season ticket prices by up to 20%.

Jose Reyes' agent assured the Mets yesterday that his client would be ready for Spring Training. That's nice. New York Magazine publishes some highlights from Reyes' year on Metsblog.

Speaking of Metsblog, Matt Cerrone thinks Adam Rubin would be a decent GM.

Amazin' Avenue got a link in Sports Illustrated

Around the NL East

Prior to last night's game, the Braves were eliminated by the Colorado Rockies. The Braves then went out and lost to the Nationals.

The Nationals claim that Jim Riggleman is a legit candidate to be their manager next year.

Beyond the Box Score takes a look at Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels.

Tom Boswell argues that the Nationals are the poster child for revenue sharing reform.

Around MLB

A new book claims that Ted Williams' frozen head was mistreated while in cryogenic storage. That is quite the sentence.

Colorado's governor has declared this month to be Rocktober. I'm still waiting for Metember.

Check out this incredible Yankee hat. Seriously, this is why people hate Yankee fans.

John Olerud had the best season by WAR in Blue Jay history.