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Met Playoff Applesauce - Putz's option, Vlad Guerrero, FOX crowning AL champions

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Is it sad that I've now started rooting for the Yankees because they represent the best opportunity to stop the Philadelphia madness?

Meet the Mets

I know I'm ready to be a part of the Met 2009 playoff run. Are you?

Joe D at Mets Merized makes the convincing case for dumping JJ Putz and his $8.6 million option.

The Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail says that Vladimir Guerrero and the Mets would be "a slam-dunk" if not for Omar Minaya's lack of job security and the Mets recent streak of injuries. Not to mention the fact that they would have nowhere to put him.

Steve Keane of the Eddie Kranepool Society stopped by the Daily News and represents himself pretty well, grammatical mistakes aside.

Around the NL East

Add yet another chapter to Phillies lore. A two-out, two-run double in the ninth inning by Jimmy Rollins. Ugh. Just to pile on, Brian Costello writes that Met fans should learn to live with this for a while. The only thing I can look to is that we were seeing the same things being written in 2006 after the Mets ran away with the division.

Around MLB

Joe Posnanski wishes Bobby Valentine had ended up with Kansas City

Kenji Johjima is opting out of his contract with Seattle to return to Japan.

Jack Nicholson rocks the red Yankee hat. It was also pretty disconcerting to see Pat Sajak over every batter's shoulder.

Speaking of last night's Yankee loss, Bob Raissman destroys FOX's early crowning of the Yankees as AL champions. Oh, and Fire Jerry Manuel writes that Yankee fans shouldn't be too upset that their manager made a move based on a scouting report.

And, finally, Rick Peterson has finally signed with the Brewers. Maybe now he will stop his grand media tour.