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Spitball Applesauce - Mets cut Takahashi, Mejia struggles continue, Wilpons make profit from Madoff

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Meet the Mets

Farewell Ken Takahashi. We hardly knew ye.

Jenrry Mejia continues to struggle in the AFL, but Ike Davis picked up two more hits.

Metsradamus is angry at the Mets for depriving him of the chance to make more Darren O'Day barnyard animal jokes.

J.C. Bradbury links to James' post about Francoeur's arbritration and offers his own figure.

Looks like the Wilpons were telling the truth when they said the Mets were going to be OK through the Madoff scam after all.

Blue and Orange evaluates which position players were worth their salaries this year. The answer: not many of them.

Ted Berg can see Johnny Damon and the Mets happening.

Around the NL East

The Phillies trip to the World Series is looking pretty secure at this point with the Dodgers sending Vicente Padilla out tonight. 

Athletics Nation says they actually might like the Phillies or at least don't hate them yet. I think AA readers can help them out with a few good reasons.

Charlie Manuel apparently predicted Jimmy Rollins double.

T.J. Simers writes the nastiest column I've seen in quite a while (labeling Phillie fans ugly). Not saying that I didn't enjoy it though.

Nick Johnson will probably not return to the Marlins next season.

Around MLB

A few controversies are arising from the Yankee-Angel series. The first being that there's video of Mariano Rivera spitting in the direction of the baseball. MLB says that Rivera was not cheating. The second issue, which also has more relevance to baseball at large, is yet another blown call by the umpires. This one was by far the worst in the postseason and possibly the worst of all time.

The Dodgers have extended GM Ned Colletti's contract so that he will be there for a long time.

I'm not sure if this Halloween costume is disgustingly distasteful or hilarious

Jose Lima owes two years of child support. Is anyone really surprised?

Eric, this new program could make the game recaps a lot easier for you.