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Lawsuit Applesauce - Mets being sued over Madoff profit, Holliday's price might be affordable, Thole at Triple-A?

I don't really enjoy this Steve Phillips story. My schadenfreude doesn't really extend to innocent wives and children. I can at least be grateful in the fact that he will not be on television for a little while. 

Meet the Mets

So, Steve Phillips had an affair. Again. Let's bring this back to him hating on Carlos Beltran. Howard Megdal joins the fun.

You remember that profit that the Mets might have earned from the Madoff deal? Well, that might be short-lived as the Mets are being sued for it.

Matt Holliday's contract will apparently max out at around $106 million over 6 years. I'm skeptical, especially if the Yankees are able to prove that you can in fact buy the World Series. This may be one of the reasons why Jason Fry is encouraging Met fans to root for the Phillies.

Matt Cerrone has a hunch that the Mets will start the season with Josh Thole at Triple-A and sign someone to platoon with Omir.

Matthew Artus has an admittedly irrational desire to see Vladimir Guerrero with the Mets next season.

Around the NL East

I guess I will take this one sentence and congratulate the Phillies for the pennant. I'll try and show some type of sportsmanship. I'm incredibly envious of this supposed golden age.

Joe Torre thinks that these Phillies are like his Yankee teams. Jim Thome sees more of the Indians in them.

Nationals' starter Livan Hernandez has tax problems.

Around MLB

The Cubs snagged Rudy Jaramillo for their hitting coach position.

Colorado is keeping general manager Dan O'Dowd for a while.

Stay tuned in the near future for a decision from Tony La Russa regarding the Cardinals.

Who has been the better player through his career? Bobby Abreu or Johnny Damon? I would have to vote for Abreu.

Remember Terrmel Sledge? Besides having a great name, he also apparently hits walk-off grand slams in Japan.