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Mike Cameron Applesauce - Mets interested in Cameron, Tejada continues to hit, Ya gotta believe.

Meet the Mets

Marty Noble thinks the Mets might be interested in a return of Mike Cameron. For the right price, they'd be crazy to not be interested.

Ruben Tejada continues his hot-hitting streak, driving in the game winning run yesterday.

Newsday will apparently start charging $20/month to access their online material. 

More things you probably didn't know about John Olerud.

NL East

Philadelphia is proud that they didn't totally self destruct after the NL Pennant

They apparently don't have much sense of shame or an idea of plagiarism.

Stephen Strasburg struggled in his second AFL start, but still demonstrated some impressive stuff.

Around MLB

Much to Bud Selig's chagrin, the umpiring continues to be a major story surrounding these playoffs. In response partially to these criticisms, CB Bucknor has been pulled from the World Series umpiring crew.

Bobby Valentine doesn't appear to be begging for the Indians job. So what if he hasn't followed the Indians system or even the AL...

The Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt has fired Dodger CEO Jamie McCourt, his estranged wife who is seeking a divorce.

Theo Epstein calls all this team chemistry stuff psychobabble. Awesome.

Lookout Landing has some fun with SBNation's stock photo archive.