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Valdez Applesauce - Mets meet with Chapman, minor leaguer heart attack, Valdez cut

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Happy Sunday everyone. On an unrelated note, when was the last time the Raiders came to New York? 

Meet the Mets

You think JP Ricciardi would like to have the Jose Cruz Jr. for David Wright trade offer back?

So much for keeping Wilson Valdez in the majors as the middle infield defensive wiz.

There is more offseason baseball than in the AFL. Toby Hyde gives us an update; Josh Thole is still hitting. Can we live with a singles hitting catcher?

A sad story out of Venezuela this morning: Met minor league pitcher Rafael Castro has died from a heart attack. Castro was 18 years old.

The Mets apparently met with Andorran citizen/Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman yesterday.

Around the NL East

Every now and then there is a link that I consider to be a must share. This is one of them.

Tim Hudson has begun negotiations with the Braves to stay in Atlanta

The latest from the deification of Charlie Manuel front.

I hate the Phillies, but I do like the "Little Red Machine" nickname.

Around MLB

Craig Calcaterra says that Bobby Valentine's behavior makes him a longshot for the Indians job.

What is up with the cracks at the new Yankee Stadium? Mob contractors? Really?

The Padres have replaced Kevin Towers with Red Sox official Jed Hoyer.

Does Barry Larkin have a shot at the Hall of Fame?

And, finally, USA Today tells us what happened to some of MLB postseason's biggest goats.