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Chapman Applesauce - Mets out of Chapman bidding, Phillips fired from ESPN, McGwire is new Cards hitting coach

Meet the Mets

So, I take it that the Mets' meeting with Aroldis Chapman did not go so over so well.

Metsradamus makes a good point. Why do I have to root for anyone in this World Series?

Steve Phillips is out at ESPN. Permanently.

Around the NL East

The Phillies will start Cliff Lee in game 1 against the Yankees, but beyond that is anyone's guess.

Around MLB

Tony LaRussa will reportedly return next year to manage the Cardinals. He'll also be joined by Mark McGwire.

The Cleveland Indians have given their managerial job to potential Met third base coach Manny Acta.

There was much griping following the ALCS regarding the scheduling. Mike Scioscia participated. Twinkie Town as pipes in as well.