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Pedro Applesauce - Wright is one of league's worst fielders, Mets should avoid Vlad, Pedro to start game 2

Only one more day until the non-Met baseball world is dead to me.

Meet the Mets

The worst series in the world for Mets fans is getting a fair amount of press around the area and in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Inquirer seems to think that Met fans will root for the Phillies.

Jenrry Mejia had his strongest outing of the AFL season to date yesterday.

Congratulations to David Wright for being one of Hardball Times' worst fielders of the year.

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever argues that the Mets would compound the mistaken non-signing of Vladimir Guerrero by bringing him in for 2010.

Around the NL East

The Phillies are going with Pedro Martinez for game 2 of the World Series. Remember when the Mets couldn't go to Pedro in the postseason?

Which city is better? The New York Post definitely made its case today. Phillies Nation has its own argument. Ted Berg finds the whole genre bemusing.

Around MLB

Bud Selig is happy about Mark McGwire's return to baseball. An FBI agent associated with the steroid investigation is not.

Mariners pitching coordinator and former Met pitching coach Dave Wallace is moving on to a position with the Braves.

All this talk about what Angels baseball is and not much to actually define it.