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Phillies in 5 Applesauce - Rollins makes another prediction, Figgins price tag, sex for WS tickets

Sorry this is so late. Having computer and law-school related issues. Enjoy. 

Meet the Mets

Blue and Orange puts compares the 2007 & 2008 Mets with the division champion Phillies from those years. Just in case you wanted to start banging your head against a wall again.

If you were wondering, it would probably cost the Mets $50 million for 5 years to get Chone Figgins.

Around the NL East

Leave it to Jimmy Rollins to make predictions

The Philadelphia Daily News has declared the Phillies to be world champions. Good, does that mean I don't have to watch now?

At least Phillie fans REALLY want to go to the World Series games.

The one area where the Yankees will have a huge advantage: left handed pitching against the Phillie lineup.

The Marlins have named Randy St. Claire as their new pitching coach.

Around MLB

Too bad I don't speak Spanish, because Ozzie Guillen as a broadcaster sounds amazing.

The Yankees have added Brian Bruney and Eric Hinske to their roster and have sent Freddy Guzman and Francisco Cervilli down.

Houston's new manager: Boston bench coach Brad Mills.