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Third Base Coach Applesauce - Mets hire Chip Hale, Philly transit strike, Hudson close to re-signing

Meet the Mets

Looks like the Mets will name Chip Hale as their new third base coach. Hale had previously held the same position with the Diamondbacks. Hale was fired as a scapegoat for the Diamondbacks' disappointing season

Rotoprofessor asks whether Ike Davis can start at first base next year. If not next year, then certainly 2011, I hope.

Around the NL East

The Philadelphia woman who offered sex for World Series tickets is getting her wish while still remaining on her feet.

Philadelphia will have a transit strike to deal with for Game 3.

Following a 6-1 Game 1 victory, cue the "why were we so underrated before this?" talk.

Atlanta and Tim Hudson are close to a deal to keep the pitcher with the Braves.

Around MLB

You know it's rough when we look at the Yankee Stadium bleacher creatures as models for fan sanity.

Steve Phillips has entered rehab for sex addiction so that he can try to save his marriage. His representative claims that this was planned before being fired from ESPN. Best of luck, Steve.