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Thin Ice Applesauce - Mets put in place a shadow management team, Rollins v. Burrell, Orioles cut Mora

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How about this for a solution in our rooting dilemma: we always root for the visiting team. That way, the sucker fans will have wasted $10,000 for tickets to a cold, rainy, losing effort. Plus, FOX will continuously cut to the silently shocked crowd. Each team can have their own photo like this. Wow, reading that back to myself makes me seem like a really bitter man.

Meet the Mets

The Mets' recent coaching staff and management moves send a pretty clear signal that Omar and Jerry are on incredibly thin ice. While some people are comforted by the transparent attempt to make an easy transition, Metsradamus wants to play Stratego against the Wilpons.

Centerfield Maz takes a look at last decade's Carlos Beltran: Kevin McReynolds.

Around the NL East

I guess I have to give some credit to Philadelphia for having some really committed fans. Second-hand ticket prices are skyrocketing, even in the face of some truly atrocious weather. They're also putting up better TV rating numbers than New Yorkers. They've even managed to stay committed to the team during this World Series drought.

Jimmy "Subtle" Rollins takes a jab at Pat Burrell.

Around MLB

So much for my dream of Albert Pujols at first base for the Mets. He wants to finish his career with the Cardinals, but is still in no rush to sign an extension.

The Orioles have cut ties with third baseman and former Met Melvin Mora. Mike Bordick is hitting fungoes in the Blue Jays system.

USA Today speculates on a return to television for Steve Phillips. You can never really pronounce a television career dead can you.