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Take Me Back To April

Right before the season, I made a post titled "What Are You Looking Forward To This Season?"  I came across it recently and some of our answers are painful to read now.  A sample:

  • Nick Evans and Danny Murphy becoming a one-two punch like Dykstra and Backman used to be
  • Watching David Wright win MVP
  • Watching Jose put it all together and becoming the best SS in the league.
  • Watching Pelfrey and Maine pitch great behind Johan this year
  • A bullpen that can hold leads
  • One word: Champtions
  • Daniel Murphy bitch-slapping my disbelief that he shouldnt be the starting LF

At the same time, there were a few comments which worked out.  Unfortunately most had to do with Citi Field:

  • The food at New Shea to blow away every other ballpark’s, be it in taste or price
  • Drinking good beer at Citi Field, instead of the swill that they've served upstairs at Shea from time immemorial
  • The atlanta braves falling into an open volcano (note: Braves had a decent year but didn't make the playoffs, so to the volcano it is)
  • A huge bounce back year from castillo

It's been a tough season, hopefully made more enjoyable by reading/participating at Amazin' Avenue.  Keep the faith in 2010.